Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Why I Was Absent: Miami, Baby!

I apologize for last week's unannounced absence from blogging. Since starting Cooking on Skates in late 2010, I have posted something Monday through Friday every single week. On vacation in Miami last week, I didn't think I had wifi access. By midweek when I figured out where I could get it for free, I decided to just take a week off for once. As someone who is generally wound a little too tight, I thought it might do me some good.

It was glorious.

I showed up looking like a mess. Completely out of place at a fancy resort.

Did up my hair and makeup and put on a Bettie Page dress to go to dinner the first night.

See? Hair. Makeup.

The next night, went out to a local bar across the street. When you marry a derby girl, this is what you get to take to social functions with colleagues.

Then I lounged in the sun in unflattering positions for a couple days. Ahh.

Derby girl. Fancy resort. Something doesn't quite mesh.

The dress I tried to wear to South Beach broke, so I went rockabilly instead. No one else there was dressed like me, and I loved it!

Yep. I'm such a dork. I love Miami Ink and insisted that we visit.

This is my new favorite shirt, picked up from Love Hate Tattoo (aka Miami Ink). It's an Ami James design and has the shop logo on the back.

Unfortunately, I only skated once, and briefly outside because the sidewalks had one-inch cracks everywhere. So some of you can rejoice in not suffering through derby-related posts for a couple days.

Most importantly: I ate all the food. Photos of that to come tomorrow.

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