Thursday, August 2, 2012

Affogato: Hell Yes

Have you ever had an affogato? When I was in college, I'd walk down to Java Break in Lawrence and get them every once in a while. It was basically coffee and ice cream with extra sugar, whipped cream, and a chocolate-covered espresso bean on the top. At the time, I liked my coffee super-milky and super-sweet, so this was perfect.

Last weekend, I was making a late afternoon coffee and remembered that tasty drink. So I Googled it, of course, to see if there was more to it than I remembered. Not really, but Wikipedia told me that people sometimes add liquor.


So this is espresso over vanilla bean frozen yogurt with a tiny bit of toasted marshmallow Smirnoff in it. The amount of alcohol is negligible, so you could use any flavored syrup you like here. Super-delightful!

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