Monday, September 3, 2012

2nd Street Creamery

Mr. CookingOnSkates and I both received coupons for free pints of 2nd Street Creamery ice cream as Klout perks a little while back.

Our local HyVee had these four flavors:
Truck Stop Fudge - This did not sound appealing to us.
Black Hills Strawberry Rhubarb - Got one. I love it.
Copper Kettle Caramel - Got two. We are both obsessed.
Tons of Brownies - Got one. It's okay.

The other flavors listed on the website are:

Limerick Cherry Chocolate

Sweet Ol' Joe
Mint Chocolate Victory
Vanilla #178
Almond Butter Hazlenut Fudge
Cannoli di Nonni - I'm almost in tears that this exists and I couldn't purchase it.

I should warn you that these ice cream flavors are about as healthy as Ben and Jerry's, but equally delicious and made of real ingredients.

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