Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Kansas City CheeseVeggie

Wow. That doesn't have the same ring to it as Philly Cheesesteak at all, does it? Fortunately for me, it's equally delicious and satisfying, while a little bit healthier!

The Mr. really loves Chartroose Caboose. I've always thought it was just all right, and in college preferred PepperJax. More often than not, I'd prefer a wheat tortilla with cheese and veggies. But we were making food for out-of-town friends, and Mr. CookingOnSkates wanted to try to replicate one of his favorite foods. From the reactions of the meat-eaters, I'd say it worked out well. And honestly, my sandwich was better than a veggie version I'd had at any restaurant!

This is certainly occasional party fare, but I guess not the most unhealthy thing ever.

Kansas City CheeseVeggie
(serves 1)

1 hoagie roll
1 tbsp butter
Handful sliced onions
Handful sliced mushrooms
Handful sliced pepper
1 piece sliced provolone cheese
1 tsp seasoned salt

1. Cook vegetables in skillet with butter and seasoned salt. Set aside.
2. Cut roll in half and toast over warmed skillet.
3. Throw the cooked veggies back in the pan and top with cheese.
4. Once the cheese melts, transfer the cheesy veggies into the roll.

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