Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Words to Live By: "F*** Those Guys"

This could totally be anyone with a pointy chin and fluffy arms.
This post was born in one of my not-exactly-finer moments. However, the sentiments have come to sum up how I feel about a lot of things. In short, I was at a Cowtown Butchers after party with derby friends and Shocktop draft beers. As the night grew on, I noticed that I had the same response to most things in most conversations.

For example:

Me: "You should play roller derby!"
Some Woman: "But I'm too aggressive."
Me: "That's why you should play roller derby!"
Some Woman: "My friends say I might hurt somebody."
Me: "You want to play derby? But other people say you shouldn't? F*** those guys!"

This applies to how I feel about how excuses, as well as negative pressure from other people. Sadly, sometimes that negative pressure comes from friends and family. I've been fortunate to have the best support anyone could ask for. Others have not been so lucky.

So here's what I say to people who are thinking about skating:

Other people think you're too short? F*** those guys.
Other people think you're too tall? F*** those guys.
Other people say you're too tiny? F*** those guys.
Other people say you're too fat? F*** those guys.
People say, "But you're too nice"? F*** those guys.
People tell you that you're too mean? F*** those guys.
Someone told you you're too old? F*** those guys.
Someone made fun of your hearing/vision loss? F*** those guys.

Now look at all of those statements. Are any of them derby-specific? Not really! Let's branch out further.

Your friends make fun of your clothing choices? F*** those guys.
Someone tells you to eat more/less/differently? F*** those guys.
You're happy with your job but someone tells you to get a different one? F*** those guys.
Someone calls you fat/stupid/worthless/any other insult? F*** those guys.
People look at you funny for your hair or tattoos? F*** those guys.

What it boils down to, I guess, is that any time anyone leads you to believe that you are not good enough, repeat after me: "F*** those guys."

I realize this isn't polite conversation. On one hand, I'm a little horrified knowing that my younger siblings might be reading this. (Hey, kiddos!) But much more so, I feel too strongly about this to keep quiet.

What in your life makes you want to say "F*** those guys!"?


KC Carr said...

The company I work for tends to shrink benefits and perks while adding to our work load. The more time goes on, the more they expect and the less they're willing to give, it seems. The latest (and last) straw was when they shuffled everyone's schedules and put us on evenings and weekends. To that I say: f*ck those guys!

Emily said...

This is my life motto. Sometimes it gets slightly altered to F**k that/this!

Joshua Baker said...

I have quite a few people I would say it to but it doesn't help my psyche.

DeVeeM said...

This is totally not the "F*** those guys" story from an after party that I *thought* you were going to tell.

Hee hee.

You do say that alot.