Monday, November 5, 2012

Cheesy Pumpkin Black Bean Burritos

My diet lately has been embarrassing. Far too much takeout and other deliciousness, and I can feel it around my midsection. The problem with transitioning back to healthier eating (which I enjoy!) is making tasty, easy, healthy things that I'm not already tired of.

Cheesy pumpkin black bean burritos were born.

I've seen similar recipes in the past but don't think I ever got around to making this. It's a can of pumpkin, a can of black beans (drained) and some cubed cheese. Mix that up.

The cheese is a spiced mozzarella that was in my fridge and needing to be used. Yummy!

These are my staple whole-wheat tortillas. Also yummy!

These things wrap up adorably into a pan.

Just spoon/smash some filling into a tortilla and wrap it up.

I was able to fit six burritos in a 9x13 cake pan. Then I covered them with medium salsa and a little more cheese. This would be healthier and vegan without the cheese, but I couldn't make myself do it.

One burrito is the perfect size for a pre-practice dinner or leftovers for workday lunch. If my calculation is correct, each burrito is about 300 calories, with 9 grams fiber and 12 grams protein.

Cheesy Pumpkin Black Bean Burritos
(serves 6)

1 can pumpkin
1 can black beans, drained
1 cup cheese, cubed
1 cup salsa
6 wheat tortillas

1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
2. Mix pumpkin, black beans and cheese.
3. Spoon filling into tortillas and wrap.
4. Place burritos in a glass pan. Cover with salsa and additional cheese if desired.
5. Bake until cheese is melted/browned as desired.

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