Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Ugly Sweater Mash-Up

Have I told you how much I love derby mash-ups? All of the ones I've done have been WFTDA rules (where as Dead Girl Derby skates MADE), but it's a great opportunity to meet and skate with new people. I always learn something new.

The theme for the one I played in last week was "ugly sweaters." Unfortunately, I have a strange aversion to ugly sweater contests. So I wore my cutesy Christmas shirt instead.

Just recently, I told someone that I almost never wear fishnets when I skate. I don't want rink rash, so I have to put them over solid tights, and it gets to be too many layers. However, I was getting dressed and found out that the only pair of solid nude tights I had were pretty beat-up, so I threw on also-beat-up fishnets to help hold my fluff in. Success! The Santa socks were a Christmas gift from a coworker a few years ago.

When I played softball, I laughed at players who wore makeup. Now, I can't possibly scrimmage without if I know photos will be taken. Mel Makeup, it is!

This lovely lady skates in Wichita. I've known her for six months or so, and it was great to finally skate against her!

Mega Manic is taking a year of from DGD, which breaks my heart. She rode out and jammed against me. Yay!

She also made this poster herself and gave it to me as "gas money." Best gas money EVER!

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