Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Spoiled Milk: Bake All the Cupcakes!

Last Thursday, I realized that I had portions of two half-gallon milk containers with expired milk in them. They weren't way past date, but they smelled funny and I was afraid to use them in my coffee. Because I hate throwing out food, I Googled what to do with sour milk.

Google answered: Bake! Well, if Google says so...

The gingerbread cupcakes turned out so "meh" that I didn't save the recipe link and won't make them again. I think it could be salved with some extra sweetener and swapping out half of the wheat flour for white flour, but I was wholly unimpressed. I also had some leftover canned cream cheese frosting to use up, so I cut the dry, mealy cupcakes in half and put the frosting in the middle. One gracious friend liked them. All too many were snuck into the trash can, half-eaten.

The second batch was chocolate cupcakes, which were perfectly fine. Not spectacular cupcakes, but perfectly solid cupcakes. And really, they were just a placeholder for the Baileys Buttercream Frosting I topped them with. About two dozen went to work with me the next day, and I think it took less than 30 minutes to pass them out. Yum!

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