Monday, February 11, 2013

Feetures Socks

In many ways, I am no fun. I'm terrified of trampolines and water slides, so I won't do either. Being vegetarian makes it impossible to take me to a BBQ joint here in Kansas City. And when it comes to roller derby, I don't wear cute tall socks.

Really, I hardly even own cute tall socks. They make my shins sweat. No joke. I also have big calves, so a lot of them don't even fit, or they dig into my ginormous skating muscles. In short, I have a laundry list of reasons and excuses why I don't wear cute socks.

Instead, I have invested in a few pairs of fancypants running socks. Ever since then, I rarely get blisters or other owies on my feet.  For the longest time, I only had a pair for gameday, but I finally picked up two more. I've been wanting to blog about these for a while, but couldn't until I remembered what they were called.

So here they are in the package.

And here they are on my feet. I hope you don't hate feet. If you do, I will just promise not to show you my feet again for a really long time.

The ultra-light-cushion, no-show-tab grey ones are my favorite so far, with only having compared them to the light-cushion black ones. They don't slide around on my feet or make me sweat extra or stretch out when washed.

If you wanna join me in the boring-derby-sock club, there is more info on the website:

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