Monday, March 25, 2013

Sandwich Shop Meatball Subs

The hubby and I tried to have a party. We checked the weather, went grocery shopping, cleaned the house, and cooked food in preparation for hungry friends. Then snow started early and thwarted all our best-laid plans. Curses!

Only two people showed up, and we fed them. Then we proceded to eat leftovers the rest of the weekend, and are still doing so now. We are a hungry couple, but this is a lot of food. I Instagrammed a photo of my sandwich that night and was surprised to get a couple requests for a recipe.

I hadn't planned on blogging this because it's really just putting together a bunch of storebought ingredients. But my version is vegetarian and tastes like something you'd get at a sandwich shop, so perhaps it is worth sharing after all.

The following photos were taken when making another sandwich as leftovers. The fake meatballs are Quorn brand, found in the freezer section of the Health Market in HyVee. We heated them up in a slow cooker with a jar of chunky veggie off-brand pasta sauce.

For cheese, I used sliced mozzarella. The hubby likes sliced provolone. You could use vegan cheese, if that's your thing.

I use wheat rolls. Whatever you can find in the bakery will work.

We didn't like what we found in the bakery section of HyVee this particular time, so I cut frozen bread dough into quarters as soon as it thawed a bit, and stretched it out periodically as it rose. I thought these came out the perfect size and consistency for meatball subs.

I could get four meatballs on these.

While reheating meatballs for leftovers, I cut the bun most of the way down the middle and put the cheese in. When I try to put the cheese on top, I always fail.

Add warmed meatballs. The process is the same if you use real-meat meatballs, of course. The hubby's look exactly the same as these.

I added a little Parmesan to the top. I have a cheese problem.

Then I put it all back in the microwave for a bit to melt the cheeses and warm the bun. If you're making these the first time and not as leftovers, the final step probably isn't necessary.

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