Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Clothing Swap Side Effects

Let me start by saying I'm aware that I need to iron occasionally. For better or worse, my car wouldn't start on the day I wrote this, so no one saw the outfit in person anyway.

I snagged this skirt from a good friend at a small clothing swap last weekend. Apparently I had told her at some point that if she ever got rid of it, I wanted it. I'm glad she remembered!

In preparation for the swap, I cleaned my closet of some items that still fit and that I might even like, but just don't ever wear. As a result, I can flip through the things I do wear and really like more easily before work in the morning. The t-shirt above is an example of one. I've had it since college and used to wear it all the time. I still love it, but it had gotten buried in the back of the closet. I liked the way it paired with this skirt. I also decided to break out my nicer heeled brown boots.

Do you like mixing up new outfits, or sticking with pairings you know work?

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