Friday, April 19, 2013

Nutella-Laced Mini Banana Bread Loaves

At first, I was just going to make banana bread for coworkers. Not even special banana bread; just the kind I can make from memory that my husband really loves. If you try this, use whatever banana bread you like best.

These pans are like 4"x2" and turned out adorable little mini loaves. They're big enough to share with a friend, but small enough that I ate an entire one for breakfast.

Then I had this brilliant idea to put Nutella in the middle. I've done this with strawberry muffins and vegan banana muffins, and I know I've seen similar recipes on the Interwebs. Nutella doesn't really want to spread on batter, so I had to shape kind of a poo-log and spread it from there.

Then cover it with some more banana bread batter. The Nutella kind of floated to the top in baking, but at least it doesn't harden on the very top this way.

Lookie how cute they bake up! This is the next morning (this morning, actually), sitting on my desk.

I sprayed the tins before filling them, so the loaf popped right out.

Nutella surprise!

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