Friday, November 8, 2013

Coconut Curry Eggplant and Squash

I want to like eggplant. It's healthy and stuff. There aren't all that many purple foods, and I do believe in eating as many colors as possible. But it's just so... seedy. And mushy. I cannot with this.

Because I had an eggplant and some butternut squash to use up, I searched for recipes that used both in the same dish to save time. I settled on a coconut curry with chickpeas based on components of several similar recipes I found online.

It turned out pretty tasty, quite healthy, and nice served over brown rice.

I used chopped fresh onion, butternut squash, and eggplant. I cooked them in a little oil to start.

Then I drained the tomatoes and chickpeas below, and dumped these three cans into the mix.

Then I added red curry paste to taste. Coconut curry dishes are really that simple!

I love that this dish ended up accidentally vegan and gluten-free!

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