Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Stitch Fix Review: A Great Service

I've read about Stitch Fix from some friends and bloggers, but never thought I'd try it out for myself because I love the thrill of searching for treasures in stores. Then I got a Klout Perk for $20 off and figured I'd give it a try. There's a "styling fee" of $20 each time, but you get that much in credit toward the purchase. So I figured I'd either get $20 off something or just send everything back with nothing paid out of pocket.

This morning, I got an email from Stitch Fix reminding me to return everything in a couple days. WAIT A MINUTE, IT'S SITTING ON THE PORCH NOW? I dropped my phone on the bed, throw on a robe, and grabbed the box from outside right away.

The box comes wrapped all nicely.

There's a pre-paid envelope to send back any rejects in.

There is also a card with styling ideas, and a list of the items with their prices.

This dress was the one I was most excited about. IT HAS POCKETS. I'm a sucker for dresses with pockets.

It's a good-quality weight and fit well.

Really, it fit like a dream. But I'm not in love with it for the $98 price tag, so I'll be returning it.

Then there's this top.

And these jeans. So, I commented on the survey for them not to send pants because of my derby ass and thighs. These jeans were the first item on top, and a size 14. I rolled my eyes.

But guess what? These jeans fit like a dream!

I like the top as well, but I'm keeping just the jeans. Seriously. JEANS THAT FIT.

Then there's this stretch jersey stripey dress. It's something I'd probably see in a store and like but not get around to trying on.

It's a great summer weight, and I'm dying to belt it.

This is the other keeper from the box.

Lastly, there's this dress. I died over the coral color. It's also a great summer weight.

It fit fine, but I just don't like things that are drapey on top and then gather. I want them to flow all the way down so I can add my own belt. A good styling fit for me, but I'm not in love.

Overall, I probably won't do this again because I have trouble limiting my shopping addiction as it is. But I would highly recommend that anyone try this once!

Wanna try it yourself? Please use this referral link!